The Big Bears Room

The Big Bears Room

    The Big Bears Room

This room has  clearly defined learning areas, where children freely access their own interests.
Education within the Early Years framework ensures that children may manage their feelings, ideas and choices, and in this room children learn to socialise, develop friendships, try their ideas, interests, make their own decisions and choices.

Some key group time is offered to focus on the children’s extended learning program, both inside and outside.

Adult led activities are offered throughout the day, i.e. Music and Movement, Story Telling, Craft, Singing and Football Session.

In order to gain a cultural awareness, children are offered a range of celebrations to highlight some festivals during the year.  Parents are offered opportunities to join in some of these celebrations.

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“We feel he has had the very best start and that he is now fully prepared to meet the challenge of Big School.”  Judith and Justin Thomson