Henry’s Outside areas!

Henry’s prides it self with the amount of outside areas to offer. Each room has an outside area with the children can access, as well as a playground, nature garden and access to the school field. In the summer the children enjoy spending the time outside they even have their snack, lunch and tea out there.

Nature Garden.

In this area the children use their imagination, usually walking the plank and finding treasure. We also get endless amounts of mud pies mmmmmmmmmm.

Nature G 1.1 Nature G 2.1 nature G 3.1 nature G 4.1

Babies outside area.

The babies have access to their own outside area. They can move freely round the space going on the slides and bouncy frame or they can sit in comfort and look at books.

babies outside 2 babies outside 3 babies outside


All children can have access to the field at certain points during the day. The babies enjoy leisurely walks round in the pushchairs and sitting on the field. The little Bears love to run along the cricket pitch to see who is the fastest whilst the Big Bears enjoy rolling down the hills!

field.png IMG_1007 field Little