Extra Activities!

Saints Tot’s Foundation.

Henry’s is lucky enough to have Saints Tots Foundation teach at the Nursery. Every Wednesday a coach from the Foundation comes and teaches the children different skills and games. The children really enjoy these sessions and continue to amaze with their development. This is as an additional payment at £3 per session.

Bonjour Coco.

Henry’s also has French lessons every Monday. This is run by Lise who used to work at the Nursery.

“My name is Lise and I am a French native speaker living in Winchester for 7 years now. I am a qualified nursery nurse and in the last 10 years I’ve worked in French, German, Swiss and English nurseries, some of them bilingual.

At work, I’ve always enjoyed singing in French with the children and noticed how quickly they could learn the words of songs and have fun repeating them.

My own children are growing up with 3 languages – their Dad is German. And it is fascinating to observe how easily they absorb and switch between all 3 languages so quickly.

I am convinced that it is a real chance in life to be exposed to another language at a young age.

This led to the creation of Bonjour Coco, a fun approach to French as children learn best through play.”


Every Tuesday we have Debutots come in for the Big Bears (included in fees).

“Debutots is a unique blend of interactive storytelling and dramatic play for 6 months to 7 years. In exploring our stories vocally and physically we facilitate children’s literacy and communication development. They speak, listen, imagine, observe and do.

Established in 2003, Debutots remains a much loved children’s activity for parents; a highly valued part of nursery and schools’ weekly curricula and is also a successful children’s franchise providing flexible working opportunities.” (Debutots; 2012)