Counting Games

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Counting Games

The Big Bears have been playing counting games and practicing their number recognition and turn taking skills. This is a really easy game that you could play at home!


To play you will need:

Paper/plastic cups

A dice

Lots of small items to fit underneath the cups


To set the game up:

Turn the cups over and label the bottom with numbers 1-6, you may want to have duplicates of numbers if playing with a lot of children.

Place different amounts of the small items under each of the cups.

Give each child a cup to collect the items into.


Here’s how the Big Bears played the game:

The children sat in a circle and each had a paper cup, they took turns to roll a dice. They counted the dots on the dice and in the middle of the circle were upturned cup with numbers written on the bottom of them. The children then had to match the number they had rolled on the dice to the number on the cup. Once they had found the correct cup they lifted it up to find some little people. They counted how many little people there were and placed them into their own cup. Once all the cups had been lifted they then counted out how many little people they each had, the one with the most little people was the winner!


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