Our staff

 Henry’s Kindergarten Day Nursery Winchester –

About our staff


Our fun loving team have years of experience between them.

We pride ourselves on our consistency of staffing, many of our team have been working in the nursery since its opening

The aim of our work is to provide an enabling environment, which is safe, has a purpose behind the learning and  meets the needs of each individual.

Children are constantly growing and changing, with this in mind staff need to be well trained to suit their learning and developmental needs to meet with the  Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum’s requirements.

The nursery management arrange team training days to ensure that the quality of the nursery is consistent throughout.

Staff are trained through the Services for Children and Young People on Safeguarding, First Aid, Food Hygiene, Health and Safety and other relevant training throughout the year.

Each child has a nominated Key Carer, who is responsible for maintaining developmental records and being a link between home and nursery.

Lindsey Phillips-Jones is Nursery Manager and is level 4 qualified.


Vicky Leigh is the Deputy Manager and is level 5 qualified.


 Emma Shephard is Deputy Manager and is level 6 qualified and setting SENCO.

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Graham Gale is Floor Manager and is Level 3 qualified and setting SENCO


Sharon MacGregor is Big Bear Room Leader and  a Level 3 Practitioner (Monday and Tuesday)


Lisa Adlem is the Big Bear Room Leader and a Level 5 Practitioner (Wednesday to Friday)

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Sara Wren is the Little Bear Room Leader and a Level 6 Practitioner.

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Claudia Sanderson is Little Bear Room Leader and a level 3 Practitioner

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Ceri Frost is a Level 3 Practitioner.

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Cye Gates is a Level 3 Practitioner.

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Ruth Lamphee is a Level 3 Practitioner.

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Sara Leamon is an Early Years Assistant.

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Zoe Smith is a Level 3 Practitioner.


Shannon Elkins is an Assistant Early Years Practitioner.

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Jack Lindsey is an Early Years Apprentince

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Kathy Wright is an Early Years Apprentice.


Brogan Guy is a member of our supply team.

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“All the staff are so kind and so approachable and I get the feeling its not just a job, you really care about the children and put your heart and souls into it.”  From the Poore family